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Self-Service and Mobile Lost Baggage Solutions

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It is now time to upgrade technology standards at arrival services' lost and found departments. Sky Assist is proud to introduce new services for lost baggage incident resolution.

The self-service solutions with PAXAHL are an alternative to queuing, ideal for passengers in a hurry. Passengers make the lost baggage declaration themselves at airport kiosks, or PAXDELIVERY allows the passenger to verify the lost baggage incident status on the Internet and receive the baggage delivery when convenient.

The mobile solutions aim to prevent unnecessary baggage movement within the airport area and at the same time offer solutions for airports with no declaration desk. BagAssist modules have been simplified to run on a PDA – mobileAHL for baggage declaration at baggage belts when no L&F desk is present at the terminal; mobileDR for baggage reception at any place; mobileFlight for immediate baggage retrieval; mobileDelivery for baggage verification before it is dispatched to the delivery company; and mobileAutorush for timely loading or automated retrieval of baggage.

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